Customer Support

Change to Your Participation

To enroll in the Milton Community Electricity Aggregation program, use the Enroll/Change Product form and choose the product that best suits your budget and climate goals. 

To change your electricity supply product, use the Enroll/Change Product form. There is no penalty, ever, to change from one product to another within the program.

To leave the Milton Community Electricity Aggregation program, complete the Opt-Out form. This will return your electricity supply to Eversource Basic Service on the next available meter read.

Tax Deductions

The cost of the additional renewable energy provided through Milton Community Electricity Aggregation is eligible for a federal tax deduction. To receive a receipt to file with your 2022 taxes, you must fill out the form here. Hard copy letters are not being mailed.

Questions & Support

If you have questions about your participation, contact the electricity supplier, NextEra Energy Services at (855) 639-8183 Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, or by at

Comments & Suggestions

For comments and/or suggestions about the Program, please submit the contact form below, or call (800) 307-9926 to reach Good Energy, the town of Milton’s consultant that manages the Program.